German Modern Melodic Death Metal





Lead guitarist and songwriter of the band is an enthusiastic fan of the harder variety of music since the tender age of 14. Starting with bands like Korn, Slipknot and Metallica, his interest in the scene developed into a passion that is represented in his current style. His blood brotherhood with the melodic death metal sound is mainly defined by melodic elements and dark riffs. Stamina and speed on the fretboard are his strengths, wich allow him a highly flexible use of fast downstrokes and alternate picking on his istrument.



The lyrical genius behind the microphone and frontman of the band joined in 2011. With Michael the band acquired the perfect addition to implement their ideas. His melodic shouts are the mouthpiece the band uses to spread their message. With over 10 years history as a singer in various metal bands under his belt, he brings the right amount of experience and presence on stage and behind the scenes to the band. Meaty shouts give the songs an outstanding sound quality. His favorite things in the band are vocal cord stretching and tack gargling, refined by a pinch of endurance- shouting.



2011 Divided in Spheres found the perfect match in guitarist Daniel. After taking on many different tasks in other metal bands, but never quite getting what he was looking for, he finally found his destiny being guitarist for Divided in Spheres. Through playing various music genres in the past, he is able to provide for a varied, fresh and melodic sound as rhythm guitarist. By joining the band, he was able to expand its competence and perfect his style.



As one of the founding members of the original band “Urzus” he began his career as bassist with Divided in Spheres in 2005. Together with the drums, he provides the rhythmic backbone of the band with a mix of subtle bass technique and deafening speed parts. His abnormally rapid paw-technique is difficult to track even for musically trained eyes. His inexhaustible inspiration stems from the traditional, Scandinavian death metal but he is neither reluctant to make use of other genres. If you listen closely you can also detect style elements from J-Rock.



The beat machine and metronome keeps the musical structure of the band together with his unerring sense of rhythm. Skank beats and double bass are among his favorite techniques that he incorporates next groovy parts and blastbeats into the songs. The elevated position gives him the ability to keep track of everything happening on stage. His dominion extends over toms and cymbals to the coordination of the synthesizer during rehearsals and concerts.